Do you want to sponsor one of our shows? Do you want to sponsor a season of shows? Was I in your store begging for change? Well your in the right place now! This is where you get the sponsorship! Our packages are fair and give you a great bang for your buck! 

The town and towns near will be posterized. You'll be sick of looking at them! Buuuut. They will have your logo at the bottom, and everyone will see that everytime they go into the store, the restaurant, the laundry mat. You will get a huge shout out about 8 times at our show, and we will thank you on our website and social media.  You will be proud to have partnered with us! 

Please Be Sure To Upload Your Logo

$25.00 Announced and Thank at the Shows You Sponsor

$25.00 Shout Out Online, Social media, & website

$50.00 Be On Our Famous Posters


$100.00 Sponsor a Whole Show!